Flow Laser Quest

Fans of digital worlds, Tron and of brain games come and see! Flow Laser quest is an ingenious puzzle game in a computer world that will put your neurons to the trials. Link the points of the same color through a hundred of levels. Flow Laser Quest is a puzzle game in which you must link points of the same color in a hundred of levels.

How to play Flow Laser Quest?

Connect the dots of the same color. Click/touch one of the points and then slide to the one to which it correspond, making a way through the square that compose the levels. Be careful, you can’t pass over a way you’ve already made.

Who created Flow Laser Quest?

Playtouch made this game.

Flow Laser Quest Game Walkthrough

This video is the solution for Flow Laser Quest game. Here you will find the answer for each level of the first Flow Laser Quest game.