Paint The Fence

Paint The Fence, inspired by all the fun of painting fences at home, only this time with a twist! Have you ever painted a fence in a volcano?! Now with the all new sticker system You have plenty of bonuses to unlock and secrets to find. Watch out for all the obstacles and if you don’t complete a level you die…. So! Get out there and decimate some fence painting action!

How to play Paint The Fence?

Use the mouse to move your paint brush, click and hold the mouse down to paint with all the tools. Use 1-0 hotkeys on keyboard and/or num pad to switch between paint colors in game.

Who created Paint The Fence?

IceStone made this game.

Paint The Fence Game Walkthrough

This video is the solution for Paint The Fence game. Here you will find the answer for each level of the first Paint The Fence game.