Sieger 2

The age of gunpowder is upon us! Launch explosives at the weak spots of structures to bring down your foes and earn medals. Sieger 2: Age of Gunpowder is a clever physics-puzzler that combines point and click with fortress physics. In this game, your goal is to destroy the castle, fortress, or ship with cannon balls! You will only have a limited number of cannonballs and your goal is to destroy all the guards and soldiers with as few shots as possible. You also need to save the hostages while taking down the defenders. Sieger 2: Age of Gunpowder features 68 levels and a full destructive environment.

How to play Sieger 2?

Mouse – Navigate / Aim Left Mouse Button – Shoot 1234 – Switch Ammo Type R – Restart Level

Who created Sieger 2?

made this game.

Sieger 2 Game Walkthrough

This video is the solution for Sieger 2 game. Here you will find the answer for each level of the first Sieger 2 game.