Smash DIY Slime – Fidget Slimy

A relaxing and sticky game where you can create your own Slimes, smash and pull them right on the screen, collect collections of Popits and tap on them, besides, a lot of mini-games from puzzles to runners are waiting for you!

How to play Smash DIY Slime – Fidget Slimy?

Control with the mouse, by pressing the left button. - Create your own slime and stretch it. There is also a laser printing function directly on the slime. The game simulates the whole process of creating a slime. - In the game you can learn how to make slime at home and how to make squishes with your own hands. - Lots of fantastic and magical stretching effects in textures and Popits. - A section with mini-games. Puzzles, runners and other casual games.

Who created Smash DIY Slime – Fidget Slimy?

made this game.