Solitaire Daily Challenge

Solitaire Daily Challenge is a captivating and immersive card game that offers a fresh and exciting challenge every day. This classic solitaire game tests your strategic thinking, decision-making skills, and patience as you aim to clear the cards and achieve the highest score possible. The game presents a new and unique challenge each day, featuring carefully crafted and shuffled card layouts. Every daily challenge has a specific goal or objective to accomplish within a limited number of moves.

How to play Solitaire Daily Challenge?

The objective is to stack cards in ascending order, starting from Ace and ending with King. To move a card, tap on it and then tap on the destination stack. Only cards that are one rank higher can be placed on the stack. The game has four stacks, one for each suit, located at the top of the screen. You can move any card to an empty column, but you can only move a King to an empty column.

Who created Solitaire Daily Challenge?

made this game.